The case of the matching Gucci outfits

As you may know if you listen to popular rap music today or see celebrities on Instagram, ‘designer’ is the standard for the clothes one wears once you reach a certain fame or income level. In this post, I will tell the story of matching Gucci outfits I came across by happenstance, and dissect the string of Youtube videos I use as evidence.

How I came across this situation

I had already become bored with designer clothes for several reasons, but one string of videos solidified my opinion. Below, I will tell the story of The Case of the Matching Gucci Oufits of 2020.


My husband and I like to watch trending music videos on Youtube. For us, this is a way to be up to date with what other people are seeing. We want to know what the trends are, and witness for ourselves just how ostentatious pop culture has become. We call it TGT, or trash garbage trending, as that is what we typically find on our Youtube pursuit.

One regular Friday night, October 23rd, 2020, we routinely scrolled through the trending page. The offensive and abhorrent content we were in for that night was nothing unusual. We saw the regular nonsense we usually see, but three videos in particular stood out. Not for anything they said, as they were rather average and therefore quite forgettable, but for what the men wore.

These three videos were: ‘Tyler Herro‘ by Jack Harlow, ‘Meeting‘ by Gucci Mane featuring Mulatto and Foogiano, and ‘Said Sum Remix‘ by Moneybagg Yo featuring City Girls and DaBaby. If you want, feel free to watch them before reading the rest of my post to see them for yourself. (*Warning: they do have explicit content. I will cover the relevant content in this post, so watching the videos is unnecessary to understand the story.)

Watching the videos

The first video of the three was by Jack Harlow, but I didn’t pay too much attention to his wardrobe. Nothing was particularly captivating about his outfits. If I didn’t watch the other two videos, this entire video would’ve been forgotten altogether. However, in the second video, I thought his outfit looked familiar, and backtracked to the video for ‘Tyler Herro’. Sure enough, they looked similar, but this still was not enough to interest me very much. The nail in the coffin was when I watched the third video by Gucci Mane. All of these videos have different lighting, so the color looks a bit different in each. However, I was now intrigued enough to look a little deeper into the matter. Here’s what I found:

Doing my research on the matching Gucci outfits

Seeing that same outfit for a third time made me curious enough to get to the bottom of the matter. I set out to see if it was indeed the same outfit, and if so, where it came from. I figured it was one of those popular designer brands that the rappers constantly name drop. There are so many these days I just wasn’t sure where to start. Knowing the brands, however, I wondered if I could find a discernable logo or tag on the outside of the clothing to give me insight on where to look.

Re-watching the videos

Starting from the top, I re-watched Jack Harlow. In one part of his dancing, he turns slightly to the side. I slowed down the video speed to .25x and there it was: a beautiful, clear as day, Gucci tag. 

Jack Harlow-Gucci outfit
Jack Harlow-Gucci outfit

To corroborate my theory that these were all in fact wearing matching Gucci, I carefully combed through the other videos, looking for the same conspicuous, black tag on the back right of the pants.

The second video by Moneybagg Yo also proved successful. I was very pleased that they just happened to shoot the video in a mirrored room. Although the shot was so fast that there was no way to read the label, the location, color, and size of the tag were enough evidence to convince me.

Moneybagg Yo-Gucci outfit
Moneybagg Yo-Gucci outfit

The Gucci Mane video was a bit more questionable, as he never turns to the side. However, there is one instance where he is rapping in front of a piece of glass, and the reflection gives a hint to a black square in the same place the other two were located. Furthermore, is whole rap name is ‘Gucci’ Mane, and he frequently wears Gucci clothes in his music videos, so I figured it was safe to assume that it was indeed the same Gucci outfit.

Gucci Mane-Gucci outfit reflection
Gucci Mane-Gucci outfit reflection

Finding the outfit online

So, I established that all three men are indeed wearing the same outfit, and this said outfit is made by Gucci. The only task left was to find it online, to see it all come together and complete the puzzle. I figured it would be simple enough to search for ‘leopard Gucci men’s jacket two-piece’ and the outfit would pop right up. When that didn’t work, my husband gave me the advice to just look on their website and see what I could find.

Combing the Gucci Website

Scrolling the men’s ready-to-wear page proved unsuccessful, so I switched to the looks from the latest collection, Fall Winter 2020. When that also didn’t work, I tried the pre-fall show. There, I was able to find a long, leopard coat, extremely similar to the jacket I was searching for, and went from there.

Leopard jacquard coat with Gucci label-long
Leopard jacquard coat with Gucci label—long

On the page where you can buy it, I looked for the option to make it a shorter jacket or add the shorts. I clicked every option, looked through the size guide, nothing. I kept scrolling, feeling like this jacket and shorts set was going to evade me forever. Next thing I know, there it was: the same male model, wearing both the jacket and shorts I saw in the three music videos, in the ‘You May Also Like’ section.

Leopard jacquard coat with Gucci label-short
Leopard jacquard coat with Gucci label—short
Leopard jacquard shorts with Gucci label
Leopard jacquard shorts with Gucci label

It was such a relief to find finally find it, especially to see the title say ‘with Gucci label’. The big, black label on the back right of the shorts was such a beautiful sight. My mission was complete, and I could rest soundly knowing I cracked one of the least important cases of our modern day.


For me, this was yet another example of why designer clothes are boring. These 3 Youtube videos were all posted within the same few days, and all featured the same outfit. I thoroughly enjoyed this investigation, though, and am pleased with the results. Overall, the matching Gucci doesn’t wow me, and I am even less impressed with the world of designer clothes than I was before.


Once I finished this post, I was never expecting to think about this outfit again. But, I find myself stumbling across more and more people wearing it as time goes on, so it seems like I just can’t escape it. Below are my additional run-ins with the legendary Gucci leopard jacquard set.

Instagram: Lil Scrappy

Youtube: DaBaby (around 8 minutes in)

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