Clothing sizes

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Below are my sizes in different brands of clothes and footwear. I’ve only included brands I personally wear, as it seems unnecessary to record my size in clothes or shoes I would never buy. For reference, compare sizes with my…

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Professional Bra-Making

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During the GBSB 2021, there were many diverse topics covered regarding bra-making. Not only did courses cover bra pattern adjustments or fitting, it also covered individual experiences working in the custom bra-making space. Below, I've noted the memorable things I…

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Corset-making basics

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Corsets, like several other garments, take a specialized skillset to make. They have boning, specialized fabrics, and unique construction methods. This post gives an extremely vague overview of what I've found corset making consists of. 1. Decide style There are…

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Fractions to decimals

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Working with both inches and centimeters means converting a lot of fractions to decimals. I have better things to remember than these conversions, so I wrote them out. I didn’t include the obvious ones like 1/4 (.25) or 1/2 (.5)…

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