One-sixth scale slopers

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These are 1/6 scale front and back torso slopers and a sleeve sloper for my exact measurements. I have included the photo, as well as a downloadable option. Front torso slopers Front torso slopersDownload Back torso slopers Back torso slopersDownload Sleeve…

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My husband and I recently started working out at home. I re-took my measurements, and realized I had lost 3/4” in my bust, 1 1/4” in my waist, and 1 3/4” in my hips since my last measurements were taken…

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Designer brand reviews

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The more I make my own clothes, the more I detest ‘designer’ brands. I not only find them wildly overpriced, but they are still ready-to-wear clothes that anyone with money can get their hands on. I already knew I had…

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