Practice in Valentina

As I began searching the internet for tutorials, I found a comprehensive walkthrough of how to draft a panty pattern in Valentina. This Youtube video by Timelace Studio goes with her blog post about it, which really allows the beginner to understand exactly what is being done.

What you learn in the blog post

If you have never drafted a panty block before, this post gives you a comprehensive overview on how to do that. This doesn’t have to be done in Valentina, and it appears it was made to be done on paper as she changes a few things that she does when she drafts it on the computer. It is just like any other pattern block instruction, and is thorough and easy to understand.

What you learn in the video

This video gives a start-to-finish guide on how she drafts the pattern in Valentina. She touches on some of the main functions used in the program, and demonstrates how to use them. This is very helpful for not only those first learning pattern drafting, but for those of us who are familiar with pattern drafting but are now learning Valentina.


This is a really great place to start to get acquainted with the Valentina software. Between her blog post and her Youtube video, there is enough information to help you along if you are attempting it on your own and get stuck. I would recommend following along with this tutorial, even if you don’t plan on using a panty block, as it is a great way to get introduced to the functions of the software.

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