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Bra making suppliers

Once I saw a few videos of bra making, I was already intrigued. Bras are something I never thought could be made at home, and I was excited to try my hand at making one. In this post, I’ve gathered a few of the resources that really helped me in the early stages of my bra making journey. Many of them are both shops and blogs, so I’ve discussed what they sell, as well as what information they have on their site. 


What she sells: surprisingly enough, LizSews doesn’t sell anything (as far as I know). She is the first resource I found in the online bra making community, and was where I was introduced to many of the websites below. She talks a lot about where to find bra making products, but she doesn’t have her own shop.

Blog: as far as I know, she doesn’t have a written blog. Rather, she puts her content out on YouTube in various types of videos. She’s a great resource, and covers a wide range of lingerie topics. If you’re new to bra making, this is a great place to start.

Find her here.

Bra-makers supply

To be clear, their website is titled ‘Bra-Makers Supply’, but the link is ‘’. I think they changed their company name, but kept the same domain name.

What they sell: this site sells the typical bra patterns, notions, elastics, and everything else. However, they also sell for wholesale and distributors, which is what makes them unique. Also, the author of many of the blog posts, Beverly Johnson, has a book which they sell on their site.

Personally, I don’t plan on buying from the shop anytime soon. Because they’re in Canada, the shipping is very expensive where I am ($15). I’m sure they have quality products, but I can probably get them for a cheaper price somewhere else.

Blog: since I’m not planning on purchasing anything, the blog is what keeps me coming back to this website. Like some other websites, it doesn’t really have too many complete walk-throughs or step-by-step tutorials. However, the tips and tricks that come from years of experience are very insightful and are hard to find elsewhere. 

Find them here.

Bra Builders

What they sell: This is where I went shopping for my first bra, and I was able to buy all the materials I needed. For the basics, notions, elastics, and linings, this is a one-stop shop. If you’re looking for more specialized cup fabrics or luxury lace, however, you may need to look elsewhere. 

Blog: this website doesn’t really have a blog, and that’s not why I come here. This is definitely more of a shopping site than a teaching one.

Find them here.


What she sells: Madalynne sells many things beyond regular bra making materials. She does sell those, but she also sells classes; ready-to-wear bralettes, panties, and bodysuits; and various kits and patterns. 

Blog: Although her blog does have some useful content for the general public, it is mostly geared towards Madalynne patterns. Mainly, it is specific adjustments for the patterns she sells on her site which she drafted herself. Beyond that, there’s some general bra making information, but not as much as other places.

Find her here.

Taylor Made Shop

What they sell: they seem to have all the typical bra making necessities, but I haven’t purchased anything from this shop yet. From what I’ve gathered from LizSews, this is a good place to go for specialty fabrics and/or unique laces. 

Blog: I don’t spend too much time on this blog; in fact, I only learned about it by writing this post. It seems to have mostly ‘Lingerie Sewing Roundup’s, which are compilations of projects completed by collaborators or new patterns they have available. If I get more into bra making, I imagine I will visit the shop more than the blog.

Find the shop here and the blog here.

Orange Lingerie

What they sell: Orange Lingerie sells bra making patterns. They are their own patterns, so they are different than the ones you would typically find anywhere else. They have about 8 regular style bras, each of which are unique, along with a few other patterns for camisoles and underwear.

Blog: Their blog has so many tips and tutorials for bra making, that I haven’t been able to absorb it all yet. They go beyond just giving advice on their own patterns, and cover general bra making techniques. However, they also have a resource section. This gives a lot of great information to someone who may be new to lingerie sewing and wants a complete overview of what it entails. Furthermore, they have a book and offer online classes, all of which can be found in their menu tab.

Find them here


There are so many bra making suppliers and resources, I’ve only covered the ones I’ve come in contact with. For more supply shops, check out this post by Cloth Habit. I plan to keep updating this list as I get further into bra making, but these websites have greatly helped me thus far in my journey.

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