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Online corset making resources

Corsetry is a rabbit hole I have fallen down lately. I mostly find resources online, as I haven’t gotten deep enough to seek out books. In this post, I’ve given a few of the resources that have helped me in my early phases of corset making.

Aranea Black

Plainly, Aranea Black is the queen of online corsetry. This is the most comprehensive online resources I have found, and I would be shocked if I found another one. There is so much information, and beginners and advanced corset-makers alike can learn something.

Find her here.

Bra-Makers Supply

Although there is not as much information here, what they do have has been insightful. Their blog gives the perspective from a real sewist, rather than a professional. Beyond that, they sell a few corset materials, including hardware and busks.

Find their blog here and their shop here.

Corset Making

I’ve never shopped here, but they seem to have all the materials you could possibly need. Literally, everything.

Find them here.

Sidney Eileen

I go to this site for corset inspiration. You do have to search the menu for it, but it’s there. Mainly, I look through the photos to see what types of corset they’ve made, and what materials they used. 

Find her here.

Sew Curvy

I like this site because it combines the materials with the corsets. It is a corset shop out of the UK, so I don’t plan on purchasing from here. However, it gives inspiration for corsets, then links what materials were used to make it. 

Find them here.

Elizabethan Costume

The website is mostly about Elizabethan costuming, which gives the historical side to where these corsets came from. They have the first corset pattern generator I’ve ever seen. I haven’t used it yet, but I plan on doing so in the future.

Find the website here and the pattern generator here.


Although definitely not a corset shop, Wawak does have a few items needed for constructing corsets. They have several different types of thread, as well as busks and boning found in various lengths.

Find them here.


Although I don’t visit all these website equally, they have all given me insight into corsetry. I hope keep learning more, and am excited to see what else I come across.

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