Inches to centimeters

Much like my post about fractions to decimals, converting inches to centimeters is something I’ve been doing a lot. I don’t want to keep calculating these because I’ve been doing it over and over. So, I’ve listed them below. They are rounded to the tenth’s place to keep things simple.

Inches to Centimeters

1/4″0.6 cm
3/8″1 cm
1/2″1.3 cm
3/4″1.9 cm
1″2.5 cm
1 1/2″3.8 cm
2″5 cm
2 1/2″6.3 cm
3″7.6 cm
Rounded to the tenth’s place

Centimeters to Inches

0.5 cm.2 (1/5″)
1 cm.4 (2/5″)
2 cm.8 (4/5″)
5 cm2″

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